Wish Bracelets

Wish Bracelets

Close your eyes and make a wish,
Then tie this bracelet upon your wrist.

When the string begins to fray,
Know that your desire is now on its way.

And when the bracelet breaks in two…
This is when your wish comes true!!

Our WISH BRACELETS are the PERFECT gift to remind those we love, and ourselves, the power of hope and positivity. Their intention is to seed these feelings every time the bracelet is felt and/or noticed, inspiring a thought, a moment, a deep breath, to remind us that WE hold the key to our own happiness. And seriously, doesn’t this start simply by believing in a
future where our wishes do come true?? The answer is YES!!

We can customize our wish bracelets for ANY special occasion – be it birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, bridal shower, bachelorette party, wedding, school event, reunion, stocking stuffers, you name it, we can personalize it. If you have a reason to celebrate, then we are here to help you create that uniquely special personal touch your recipients will remember with a smile…and a wish come true!!

Our bracelets come in 12 colors and we have dozens upon dozens upon dozens of charm styles. Merely select your color and the charm you are desiring, and your wish bracelet(s) will be made to order.

**Please note that the pictures may not always reflect what we currently have in stock, but we promise to match your request as closely as possible**

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