Mochila Bags Handmade from the Columbia Wayuu Tribe

Authentic Mochila Bags from The Wayuu Tribe of Columbia

Image by Miller Sierra via Wikimedia Commons

The very first time I saw a MOCHILA BAG years ago, I knew immediately that it was something incredibly special. So, when I went on to discover the fantastic details of their origin and history, it merely cemented my first impression and I fell in LOVE all over again. I mean how can you not…

Our MOCHILA BAGS are hand woven by the WAYUU people, an INDIGENOUS TRIBAL COMMUNITY from LA GUAJIRA, COLOMBIA. The traditional weaving of the Mochila is passed down from generation to generation with girls being taught this important craft from a very early age; because it is not only ART, but a form of story-telling and a way to pass on the WAYUU’s rich CULTURE and HISTORY. Mochila Bags are also a large primary source of income for the community, meaning that the WAYUU women are the main financial support for their families, and this allows them to be powerful leaders within their matriarchal culture.

We PROMISE that each Mochila Bag is exquisitely handmade, ONE OF A KIND, and 100% FAIR TRADE Certified Authentic Wayuu Art. One individual bag takes anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to complete, and each pattern tells a different story; be it the vibrant narrative of day to day life, an extraordinary expression of their landscape, or the powerful imagery within their dreams and legends. Seriously, not only are these Bags insanely STUNNING and the PERFECT addition to any BEACHY lifestyle – but owning a Mochila Bag is an amazing way to SUPPORT and respect the WAYUU peoples’ traditions, values, and cultural beliefs!!

And I just know that you will LOVE them as much as I do!!

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