Reef Safe/Reef Friendly Sunscreen


What does Reef Safe/Reef Friendly Sunscreen mean??

Summer is right around the corner and after years of pandemic mayhem, the world is FINALLY starting to open up and people are SUPER EAGER to get outside and enjoy the SUN!!

Maybe Covid has kept me a bit sheltered, but lately I have been seeing and hearing “Reef Safe/Reef Friendly” when it comes to sun protection products, and though it sounds pretty straight forward, I was curious as to what exactly that meant?? Interestingly, those of you who work in/around aquariums probably already use this term for its original meaning, as it is meant to refer to a fish that is “safe” to add to a reef aquarium. But brilliantly, Reef Safe/Reef Friendly are now being used to distinguish sunscreens that do NOT contain Oxybenzone and Octinoxate, two very bad chemicals that have been scientifically proven to cause coral bleaching and kill coral larvae. Please please please check out this article as it is FULL of amazing information that we ALL need to know…

And by the way, it might be fun to mark your calendars because MAY 27th each year is NATIONAL SUNSCREEN DAY – and I’d say that is the PERFECT time of year to restock our summer skin care products, especially a few tubes of Reef Repair Suncream SPF 30+ Reef Safe Biodegradable Waterproof UVA/UVB Cruelty Free Moisturizing Child Safe Non-Oily Sunscreen, please see the link below!!

Reef Repair Sunscreen 

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